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Hinduism and Lust


Written by Sulaiman Razvi

Vulgarity in Vedas is already discussed in the article Obscenity in Vedas. In this article I shall deal with vulgarities in other Hindu scriptures. Talking about sexuality is the most favorite topic of Hindus. Obviously it’s rooted in their genes. Hindu fanatics enjoy a lot mocking others religions with fake references and the only solution to this seems to be showing some facts about their gods and sages from their own books. As I said in the article Obscenity in Vedas, I have no intention to mock Hindu religious personalities or hurt the sentiments of Hindus. But after seeing their mockery of other religions it looks like just a refutation to Hindu fanatics isn’t enough, Hinduism has to be decoded to show those fanatics what they follow. Hindu fanatics just by watching epic movies like Mahabharata and Ramayana on television start believing Hinduism to be the most decent religion and are in the delusion that Hindu gods were the greatest being on earth.

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Hinduism Exposed Obscenity in Vedas

Written by Sulaiman Razvi

Read the new article Hinduism and Lust for obscenity in other Hindu sciptures

This article is not intended to offend Hindus, I have written this article only for those Hindus who thinks only Hinduism is a pure religion free from obscenity and all other religions are full of obscenities. Such people are perverts that’s why they only look for sex related things in other religions, their minds are filled with lust.

Sexuality was not a secret thing in Vedic period as it is evident from Hindu places of worship like Khajuraho, Ajanta, Ellora temples and scriptures like Kama Sutra and various other Hindu texts which openly spoke or showed pornography.


It was only in recent times when Hinduism was influenced by other religions that it took shelter in modesty. Despite such facts some Hindu fanatics do not hesitate mocking other religions especially other religious personalities. I am reproducing some verses from Vedas, which is the oldest text of Hinduism.

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The roots of Rape in India

Written by Kancha Ilaiah

Rape has, of late, become an acute disease in the Indian society. Prima facie, this is a problem arising out of a mental disorder, but there is also a larger cultural context that, to an extent, explains how the Indian male became so brutal.

Our cultural upbringing conditions male minds to behave in a cruel fashion with women. Family upbringing, societal conditioning, religious sagas and political animus, all construct our men and women into being what they are — men as aggressive and women as submissive. Which is why men here, in India, are different from men in other countries.

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Origin of Vedas, Their Inspiration, and Authority

Written by Ibn Muhammad

How and where the Vedas originated are subjects of much debate amongst Hindu circles. The opinions are divergent. Some believe that the Vedas are millions of years old while others consider them to be not more than five thousand years old. When I read through the many articles written on this subject by Hindus themselves, I found that almost all of them assumed the Vedas to be eternal. Hence, the question of the origin of Vedas is never dealt with properly. Those Hindus who addressed this question trivialized it, knowing well the amount of contradictory opinions within Hindu texts. I will attempt to bring together whatever information we get from authoritative Hindu texts regarding this issue.

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Meat Consumption in Hinduism

Written by Sulaiman Razvi

Meat especially that of cow is the centre of controversy in India. People are lynched and raped on rumours of beef consumption but such mentality didn’t exist in Vedic period, people in the Vedic period relished beef and meat of other animals. There are clear references in Vedas about meat consumption, but some Hindu scholars don’t translate it literally despite the fact that it is supported by other Hindu texts. Vedas no-where says that ‘You shouldn’t have meat’, Hindu scriptures doesn’t prohibit meat consumption, it’s only Hindu scholars that prohibits it. In the Vedas the cattle were gifted to other Deities, because it was a source of money during the Vedic period. A historian William Butler writes,
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