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Scientific Errors In Hinduism

Ungrateful Hindus

As Aurangzeb is Erased, Here are Some Tales From the Flip Side of History

मनुस्मृति में क्या लिखा है?

Did Shabari actually feed Ram ‘tasted’ berries

Purushamedha: The human sacrifice

Hindus spying for Pakistan

No rebirth in the Rig Veda

महिलाओ के अधिकार और “मनुस्मुर्ति” Women’s rights and ManuSmriti

Aryan invasion and genocide of Dasyus

Condition of Hindu women in India

Ban on Hindu terror organisations

Read what Ambedkar wrote on why Brahmins started worshipping the cow and gave up eating beef

Terrorism in India

Global warming due to Cows and Gaushalas

Innocent Muslims spending years in prison on false terror charges

As clamour to ban conversion grows, a reminder: five Indian states have already done so

वेदो, रामायण, महाभारत मे सती प्रथा

Books on Hinduism

Subsidy for Hindu Pilgrims

सीता जी की आयु 6 वर्ष थी‘, जो लोग बाल्मीकि रामायण को प्रमाण मानते हैं वे इस तथ्य को झुठला नहीं सकते

Meat eating and animal killing in Valmiki Ramayan

Pollution festivals of Hindus

Violence in Hinduism

Head transplant in Vedic period

How Krishna died and what happened to his wives?

Summary on life of Rama

The massacre of Kashmiri Pandits

The Maratha warrior

Vasudhaiva Kutumbaka: The world is one family

The fake translation saga

How Shankaracharya destroyed Buddhism and founded Hinduism in the 8th century

Indus Valley Civilization: Who were they?

Aryan Invasion and fall of Indus Empire

प्राचीन काल में हिन्दू गोमांस खाते थे

Polygamy in Hindu Dharma

Brahma’s incestuous relationship with his daughter

Textual Corruption of Vedas (Hindi)

Swami Dayanand on idol worship

Reincarnation Reality or Myth?

No Reincarnation, No Moksha, No Mukti in the Vedas

How Peaceful are Hindus?

Importance of Cow dung and urine in Hinduism

Hindu god is a cheater

Indian Scientists making bogus claims

Will government ban Ayurvedic medicines?

Caste system in Hinduism

Women in Hinduism

Mulshankar and Casteism

Manu Smriti and Untouchables

Interpreting symbolism of the Linga

Is widow remarriage permitted in Hinduism?

Physical appearance of Hindu god Shiva

List of true devotees of Hindu deities

प्राचीन भारत में गोहत्‍य एवं गोमांसाहार

मांस भक्षण : आपत्ति और प्रतिक्रिया

मनुस्मृति : अपराध और दंड

नियोग और नारी

Vedas are not eternal: A detailed analysis

Lying in Hinduism

Hindu Scriptures Battle of Supremacy

Weird Drinks of Hinduism

Hinduism and Lust

Cow’s Excreta as Medicine: Insult to Humanity

The problem with Satyarth Prakash, Dayanand Saraswati & Arya Samaj

Sati Pratha: The Burning of Widows

Why did the Brahmins dethrone the Gods and enthrone the Goddesses?

What is Hinduism?

Manu and the Shudras

Hinduism and Talibanism

The Status of Women as Depicted by Manu in the Manusmriti

Upanishads: An analysis

Vedic Contradiction: How the Creation came into Existence

Analysis of Lingam

Killing Infidels in Vedas

Vedas and World Peace

Vedas and World Peace Part 2

Hinduism and Religious Tolerance

Were Buddhists Persecuted by the Hindus?

Hinduism exposed Obscenity in Vedas

Ashvamedha Yajna The Obscene Ritual

Mulshankar (Dayanand Saraswati) on Jainism and Buddhism

Scientific Errors in Vedas Part 1 & 2

Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation?

Medical Science in the Vedas?

Hinduism and Overpopulation

The Roots of Rape in India

Textual Corruption of the Vedas

999 Suktas Lost, Still No Corruption?

Origin of Vedas, Their Inspirations, and Authority

Response to No Corruption in Vedas

On Vedic Deities

Vedic Paradise: The Inside Story

Vedic Paradise: An Overview

Meat Consumption in Hinduism (Vedas)

Beef Consumption in Vedas and Other Hindu Texts

Beef Eating in Ancient India

No Inheritance for Women in Vedas

Female Foeticide- The Bitter Truth

Women and Vedic Dharma

The Menace of Dowry and its Origin

Polygamy in Hinduism

Women in Hinduism: Conflict between Swami Dayanand and Internet Arya Samajis

Paedophilia in Hinduism

Why Hindus Hate Max Mueller?

Slavery in Hinduism

Caste and Racial Discrimination 

मातंग चांडालपुत्र से ब्राह्मण बने?






Manu Smriti and Shudras

Swami Dayananda Saraswati as a Hindu Fundamentalist and Nationalist

Concept of God in Protestant Arya Samaj(Protestant Hinduism) Part 1

Concept of God in Protestant Arya Samaj(Protestant Hinduism) Part 2

Response to No Corruption in Vedas

No Hatred in Vedas Part 1

No Hatred in Vedas Part 2

Women in Hinduism/Vedas Part 1

Women in Hinduism/Vedas Part 2

Counter Response to Scientific Errors in Hinduism/Vedas

Science in Vedas