List of true devotees of Hindu deities

List of swamis caught in sex scandal


Of course rape is not a Hindu monopoly. Rapes are committed by scholars of other religions also but they are rarest of the rare. From last few years we read news about Swamis arrested for raping women and minor girls. As soon as they are caught in this disgusting act they are termed as ‘Self-styled Godman’ or ‘Fake Baba’ but as we have read the characters of Hindu gods in articles Hinduism and Lust and Obscenity in Vedas Swamis do what their gods did 3000 years ago. So Hindu priests shouldn’t be blamed for this as they are well versed with their scriptures and know very well about their gods. They just imitate their gods. There is nothing to be shocked about it. I have collected few news links of various Swami caught in rape cases. And this article will be updated with new links once or twice a month, you know what I mean 😀

  • Asaram renowned Hindu scholar accused of multiple rapes

Asaram claimed himself to be avatar of Krishna to have sex with innocent Women

Like father like Son

  • Sai Narayan son of Asaram arrested for rape

  • Swami Nityananda well known south Indian Hindu scholar caught with a actress and also accused of rape


  • Ragheshvar Bharati Swami arrested for rape in Karnataka

“Whenever the complainant questioned the accused as to how he being a seer justified raping a woman, he purportedly told, ‘Sexual intercourse is not a sin and Rama wants you to surrender to me. If you won’t surrender to me, you will be an object of divine displeasure. Your family will be destroyed’.

Spiritual leader Maate Mahadevi says molestation is women’s fault

Swami Om booked for attempting to rape a women and stripping her of her clothes

Swami Om backs with bikini lap dance, says when Lord Krishna can do, why …

40 girls rescued from Delhi Rohini ashram of godman Baba Virender Dev Dixit obsessed with having 16,000 women companions
According to reports, Dikshit is an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and obsessed with the idea of having 16,000 women companions with him.

  • Keshav Prasad Namboodiri and Vishnu Prasad- Badrinath chief priest arrested for molestation

  • Dharmdev- Sadhu attempts to rape blind woman

  • Sean Keen, former Hare Krishna worshipper rapes multiple women

  • Shiv Murat Dwivedi alias Shiva alias Rajeev alias Swami alias ‘Icchadhari baba’ runs sex rackets and also accused of rape

‘’ The inquiry heard from a woman on Thursday who said as a seven-year-old in the 1970s she was subjected to an initiation in which she was stripped naked and held down.

The skin between her breasts was cut by a swami who then licked the blood and raped her.

“The ashram was the kind of place that if you scream, no one comes,” she said’

  • Bikram Chaudhry, renowned Yoga Guru accused of rape




  • Raigarh Ashram exploits young girls

  • Swami Poornananda aged 50 arrested for raping minor girls in Ashram

  • Manoj Kumar a Sadhu rapes minor girl

  • 13 years old Devdasi gang-raped by Religious leaders and impregnates her

  • Baba Vishvabandhu rapes minor girls on Hindu festival Janmastami inside temple

‘’The girls told their parents the priest would molest them and put his fingers in their private parts every time they went to the temple’’

  • 5 years old girl raped by a Temple priest

  • 9 years old girl raped and strangulated to death by a Temple priest

  • Girl raped and murdered in temple premises

  • Madan Mohan A 55-year-old priest has been arrested for allegedly raping the wife of a temple security guard at Pandav Nagar in East Delhi.

  • 13 years old girl gang raped by Hindu godmen in Ashram

  • Woman raped by three Swaminarayan Sadhus

  • Swami Amrita Chaitanya rapes 2 minor girls’Swindler+swami’+convicted+of+rape+in+Kerala.-a0200150612

  • Bala Prasad Shukla a temple priest kidnaps a woman then rapes her and sells her

  • Swami Premananda accused of rape

  • Kripaluji Maharaj: Ram Kripal Tripathi aka Kripaluji Maharaj arrested for rape

Santosh Madhavan a temple priest wanted by Interpol was charged with two minor girls.



Agra man Hira Yadav booked for having sex with cow


Shravan More booked in Maharashtra for having sex with cow


Shravan Vyas arrested for raping cow, charged under Section 377 in Madhya Pradesh


34-year-old Naresh accused of raping female puppy to death in Delhi


Mumbai housing complex guard Ram Naresh Sharma arrested for sexually assaulting dog


Youth rapes 7-month-old calf Dinesh


Kankar Marar alias Chavanni caught having unnatural sex with cow in Madhya Pradesh

Indian Man Manu Raping a Cow Caught on CCTV, Lands in Jail


52 year old Hanumant Datta Mane held for raping female dog


Watchman Raghuvendra Chaurasia arrested for having sex with dog


Muthu has sex with injured cow using coconut oil as lubricant


Murugan sexually assaults female puppy, held


Keshav Upadhyay rapes goat to death


Ramesh Kumar कुतिया से रेप, अधेड़ पर मुकदमा दर्ज in Delhi


भैंस के साथ दुष्कर्म Misdeed with buffalo Bhupinder Singh in Hamirpur


Balkishan Rana raped cow in Champawat


Balvir beats and rapes cow in Fatehabad, Haryana


Ram Milan sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for attempting to rape dog


19-Year-Old Kuldeep Karotiya Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Stray Dog Inside Community Toilet in Mumbai’s Powai area