How peaceful are Hindus?

By Sulaiman Razvi

Some Hindus accuse non Hindus of being communal and violent. Claims that only they are peaceful and most tolerant community in the world. Ironically these lines are said by them after hurling couple of abuses at other religions. Let’s have a look at communal violence perpetrated by Hindus. I am not talking about history which tells tale about bloodshed of Jains, Buddhists and indigenous groups in India by Hindus, But this deals with their deeds since Independence of India. It is impossible to post all communal violence as there were total 644 communal incidents in India in 2014 alone

so I will highlight only few incidence. There are 4% Hindus in UAE, 13.8% in Qatar, 1.6% in Indonesia and 6.3% in Malaysia but in none of these countries we hear that there was a communal clash between Hindus and Muslims. It happens in India alone because Hindus are in majority. Before talking about persecution of minorities by Hindu extremists let’s have a look at intolerance within the Hindu community.


Violence against Dalits

Dalits attacked for using water, touching utensils etc

Dalits not allowed to enter temple

Attack on Dalits for merely riding a mare in wedding

Honor killing due to intercaste marriage

Honor killing due to inter-faith marriages

Human Sacrifice to Hindu goddess Kali

Non Hindus (including Dalits) not allowed to celebrate festivals, to worship or to perform rituals and prayers

Exodus of Non Hindus (Dalits included) due to oppression by Hindus including social & economic boycott


People arrested for “Hurting the sentiments” of Hindus

World organisations and Law makers condemning religious violence in India

Communal Riots

Hindus starting riots on trivial issues

Violence by Hindu extremists

Attack for religious conversion of Hindus to other religions

Hindu enforcing their beliefs on others

Gau Rakshaks Cow Vigilantism

Hindutva leaders on Cow slaughter

Attack on worship places of non Hindus

Arms and weapons training given to Hindu terrorists, illegal display of weapons, assembling with arms and encouraging possession of arms to kill Muslims

Arms and Weapons stored in Temples

Hindus creating communal tension by masquerading as Muslims

Non Hindus in Hindu locality


Hindutva Brigade trolling

Hate Speeches

Hindu convicts/accuseds granted bail

Bomb blasts by Hindu terrorists

Patriotism of Hindutvadis 



Violence against Dalits

The National Human Rights Commission Report on the Prevention of Atrocities against Scheduled Castes says that, “every 18 minutes a crime is committed against a Dalit. Every day 3 Dalit women are raped, 2 Dalits are murdered and 2 Dalits Houses are burnt in India, 11 Dalits are beaten. Every week: 13 Dalits are murdered, 5 Dalits home or possessions are burnt, 6 Dalits are kidnapped or abducted.”

These are all individual cases. There have been numerous caste based massacres done by fanatic organisations like Ranvir Sena and others, readers can go through Wikipedia’s article

and also this article




Dalits attacked for using water, touching utensils etc




Dalits not allowed to enter Temples




Dalits attacked for merely riding a mare in wedding




Honor killing due to intercaste marriage



Honor killing due to Inter-faith marriages

Honor killing and violence due to inter-faith marriages



Human sacrifice to Hindu goddess Kali



Non-Hindus (including Dalits) not allowed to celebrate festivals, to worship or to perform prayers or rituals




Exodus of Non Hindus (Dalits included) due to oppression by Hindus







While hypocrite Hindus beat their chests of being most tolerant and always finds opportunity to blame others of intolerance, there have been numerous incidents where people were killed or threatened for expressing their views on Hinduism.




People arrested for “Hurting the sentiments” of Hindus

Not just Hindu deities, Hindus have objection with people making fun of Hindu leaders









Getting movies banned or having objection to it



World organisations and law makers condemning religious violence in India

 India is the fourth-worst country in the world for religious violence

 Amnesty International annual report condemns growing intolerance in India

 34 US lawmakers express concern over violence against minorities, writes to Modi

 Intolerance in India rose in 2015, says US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) report

 Attacks against Muslims, Dalits grew sharply in India under Modi: US report

 US asks India to check rising intolerance, communal violence

 The annual report of the U.S Commission on International Religious Freedom released on Wednesday said that religious tolerance and religious freedom continued to deteriorate in India in 2016.

 Human rights abuses against minorities on rise in India: Indian-American group  

 Religious tolerance deteriorated in India in 2016, cow vigilantes harassed minorities: US report

 Armed Forces veterans write open letter to PM Modi: Condemn targeting of Muslims, Dalits

 UN human rights chief says he is disturbed by discrimination against Dalits, Muslims in India




Communal Riots/Violence

61,974 cases of riots, group clashes in 2016: NCRB

*Thackeray calls for Hindu suicide squad




Hindus starting riots on trivial issues


Violence by Hindu extremists




Attack for religious conversion of Hindus to other religions

Hindus forcefully/Deceitfully converting non Hindus



Hindus enforcing their beliefs on others




Gau Rakshaks Cow Vigilantism

86% Dead in Cow-Related Violence Since 2010 Are Muslims. 97% of cow-related violence were reported after PM Modi came to power in 2014, according to IndiaSpend analysis.

List of communal clashes over ‘Cow’.

Almost one cow-related attack every week in 2017 thus far

14 years in jail if you kill cow, 2 if you kill people: Judge in BMW case



Also read Human Rights Watch report

Assault/Violence by Gau Rakshaks

3 Arrested For ‘Openly’ Carrying Beef In Assam, Hurting Religious Sentiments 



Hindutva leaders on Cow slaughter

 Subramanian Swamy brings bill seeking death penalty for cow slaughter

 BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj for death to those who slaughter cows

 Togadia wants death penalty for cow slaughter

 Behead those who slaughter cows, says Shankaracharya Jagadguru Narendrananda Saraswati of Varanasi’s Sumeru Peeth

 Honour people who murdered cow killer, says Chhattisgarh Sanskrit Board chairman Swami Parmatamanand

 Nothing bigger deed than cow protection: VHP leader Acharya Dharmendra

 Sadhvi Prachi justifies Dadri murder, says beef-eaters deserve such treatment

 RSS mouthpiece defends Dadri lynching: Vedas order killing of sinners who kill cows

 Those guilty of cow slaughter will be hanged: Chhattisgarh CM Raman Singh

 Sadhvi Kamal equates cow vigilantes to Bhagat Singh, calls them future heroes

 Will break limbs of those who kill cows: BJP MLA

 Cow slaughterer has no right to live in India: Harish Rawat

Will treat cow slaughter like murder, vows Haryana BJP chief

 Hang those who eat beef as status symbol, says Sadhvi Saraswati
“If we do not stock arms, we will be destroyed in future,” she said.

 By invoking NSA, we want to instil fear in those who kill the cow: U.P. Deputy CM
 If you smuggle, slaughter cows, you will be killed: BJP Alwar MLA Gyan Dev Ahuja





Attack on worship places of Non Hindus

And also desecration of worship places, books or sybols



Hindu fanatics deliberately halting procession near mosque to create disturbance



Arms and weapon training given to Hindu terrorists, illegal display of weapons, assembling with arms and encouraging possession of weapons to kill Muslims

Hindu extremists Yogi Adityananth’s Hindu Yuva Vahini supplying guns to Hindus in riot hit area,



Arms and Weapons stored in Temples and Ashrams

 Followers of Sant Rampal clash with police, uses guns and petrol bombs against police. Imagine this to be a Madrasa. All Hindu fanatics would’ve used this incident to shut down all Madrasas.

 Five revolvers, 12 bore catridges, gun powder, cane shields and lathis recovered from Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Food and Herbal Park

 Mathura violence allegedly linked to Hindu godman. His supporters used hand grenades and automatic weapons to attack police.

 Police seized more than 45 detonators and 30 gelatin rods from the godown of a temple in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

 Weapons and liquor seized from temple’s cellar after police’s raid

 RSS storing weapons and conducting arms training in Kerala temples

 Major terror attack averted? 30 live bombs recovered from temple in UP’s Pratapgarh; 2 arrested

 Five bombs seized from Padmanabh temple in Kerala

 Country-made bombs hidden near temple seized by police during raid

 Bombs Recovered from RSS-controlled Temple Premises in Kannur, Kerala

 Country bombs recovered from roof of Venkatachalapathy Temple at Krishnapuram

 Desi Bombs recovered from Kozhikod temple premises

 5 bombs seized from Odisha’s Radhagovind temple

  Live bomb seized from Ankleshwar’s Manav temple

 20 bombs, desi pistol and ammunation seized from temple presmises in Pratpagarh, Tulsiram and Rajkumar arrested

 3 gun powder laden cars seized from temple premises in Kollam, Kerala

 Illegal firearm seized from temple’s Mahant Sompuri

 Weapons seized from Durga temple presmises, 9 arrested




Hindus creating communal tension by masquearading as Muslims


 Ram Sena workers hoists Pakistan flag at Government office to cause disturbance and blame Muslims. Rakesh Siddaramiah Mutt (19, Anil Kumar (18), Parashuram Ashok (20, Rohit Eshwar (18, Sunil Madiwalappa (18) and Mallanagouda Vijaykumar

 Hindu man Kapil Shastri hoists Pakistan flag on roof of his house but is later termed mentally unstable

 Fanatic Hindu G. Shiv Kumar throws beef and green color in Pochamma temple to cause communal disturbance in the city,

 Hindu fanatic group smears Ram’s banner with cow dung to start communal riots.

 Burqa clad RSS extremist caught throwing beef in temple to start communal violence,

 Three BJP workers Arjun Gunadal, Ramesh Gunadal, and Shivanagouda Patil arrested for desecrating the statue of Hindu saint Basavanna. The accused were trying to give the incident “a communal colour”, the SP said

 Hindu fanatic Deshraj Singh arrested for temple desecration,

 Hindu teen poses as Muslim Abdul Khan and gives bomb threat but later considered ‘Mentally unstable’ because of his Hindu identity

 Recently 16 ministers in Rajasthan got threat mails in which an “Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist” threatened that his group would launch series of terror attacks in the state. And a Hindu man named Shushil Chaudhary was arrested.

 One “Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh” terrorist threatened to bomb West Bengal. Days later, police traced the man behind the terror threat. It was Amiya Sarkar- a Hindu. (02 Dec 2014, The statesman)

 Temple secretly damaged by Hindu – Muslims blamed! S.S Mohan Kumar arrested

 BJP Attempt to Foment Communal Riot by Dumping Meat in Temple Foiled

 4/10/17 Two Hindus Ram Sevak Tiwari & Mangal Dixit arrested for cow slaughter before Muharram in Gonda (UP), Police probing conspiracy angle


Following are some cases of Hindus vandalizing/desecrating Hindu worship places and there was no outrage after Hindu culprits were arrested

 Kerala police arrests Mohanakumar S.S for temple attack

 Krishna idols desecrated by Hindu godman in Kayamkulam

 RSS Mukhya Shikshak arrested for destroying Sree Nayanana Garu statue

 “Mentally unstable” Chandrashekhar s/o Jeevan Singh held for tearing temple’s flag

 Chandrakant Saroj S/O Shankar breaks idol of Shiva after failure in getting married.

 Mukesh Kumar broke idols in temple in Ludhiana, Punjab

 Naoni Kumar S/O Pavan Kumar arrested for breaking idols in temple

 Two BJP local leaders arrested in Tripura for desecrating Hindu idols in temples in two different incidents.




Non Hindus in Hindu locality


Fake news and Propaganda by Hindus to target Muslims


 Congress’ Christian MLC forced to shift venue for Diwali celebrations after VHP protests

 Nawazuddin Siddiqui forced out of local Ramleela by Shiv Sena members ‘because he is a Muslim’

 Hindu Outfit Wants To Keep Non-Hindus Away From Garbha Events By Making Aadhaar Card Mandatory

 Outrageous Navratri garba rules: Muslims banned, Hindus to sprinkle cow urine

 Muslim professor forced to stop writing on Ramayana

 Muslim civic body administrator was ‘forced’ to remove headscarf in PM Modi’s Women’s Day event

 Associate Editor of BJP magazine Kamal Sandesh gets flak for wanting to keep Roza during Ramzan

 Hindu students protest hijab on campus, sport saffron shawl

 Hindu fanatic assaults Muslim and Hindu minors for singing carols in Christmas says “Christmas is for Christians only”

 Tamil Nadu: Wrong to have Christian name, marry Hindu girl?
His baggage of troubles began when a few persons, whom he did not know, took to social media and even petitioned the Hindu Religions and Charitable Endowments (HR & CE) department officials for allowing a Christian wedding in the temple-owned marriage hall.

 ‘This Seat Is Not For Pakistanis Like You’, Youths Allegedly Humiliate Elderly Muslim Man In Delhi Metro

 Hindu Mahasabha members detained for ‘purifying’ spot where Muslims offered namaz

 Haridwar priests force RSS’s Muslim arm to shift meet venue
According to sources, local priests pointed to MRM office-bearers a colonial-era provision in the Haridwar nagar palika bylaws (Haridwar until a few years ago was a municipality) which said that “no religious or social activities by non-Hindus would be permitted within the town’s municipal limits”.

 Hindu radical party MNS disrespects Jain community by cooking meat outside Jain temple to protest meat ban,


 Only 33 Per Cent Hindus Count A Muslim As A Close Friend, Says A Study

 Right wing Hindu fanatics spread fake rumors of Indian Muslims celebrating victory of Pakistan cricket team

 After Iftar at Krishna Mutt, Rama Sena to “Purify” temple with Cow urine

 Hindus trended “Jai Shri Ram” on Eid

 A Facebook post saying every Hindu should put a loudspeaker on roof of their homes and play Hanuman Chalisa whenever they hear Azaan got 55000+ likes and was shared 27000+ times. Below is the link to original post

 No Corrections Made in Gujarat Textbook That Called Jesus A Demon

 Picture in Class 6 book shows ‘mosque’ as a source of noise pollution

 Gujarat Hindi textbook describes roza as ‘infectious disease’

 “We voted for Modi because Yogi endorsed him, but we are disillusioned,” he said. He went on to refer to the 2002 riots in the state Mr. Modi led, which his critics say he allowed to rage for several days, leading to more than 1,000 deaths.
“All of us in our colony felt that Modi would allow us to kill Muslims,” he said. “Muslims were scared. But nothing happened. When Yogi became chief minister, they were scared again.”

 Hindu Groups in UK Hit Back at British Government’s Plans to Ban Caste-Based Discrimination  

 K’taka Right Wing Activists Oppose Non-Hindus in Muzrai Dept

 BJP leaders stop economist Jean Dreze’s speech on communalism






Hindutva Brigade trolling

 Fed up with so much hatred’: Newly engaged Priyamani responds to trolls after engagement with a Muslim

 Irfan Pathan trolled by Hindutvadis for posting picture of his wife wearing Burkha

 Irfan Pathan trolled by Hindu fanatics for tweeting in support of Rohingyas

 Hindu Mahasabha terms IAS topper Tina Dabi’s decision to marry muslim Kashmiri youth as ‘love jihad’

 Zaheer Khan-Sagarika Ghatge engagement branded as Love Jihad by followers of Zee News on Facebook

 Katy Perry slammed for being ‘offensive’ after sharing image of Hindu goddess on Instagram

 Saif Ali Khan slammed online for calling Sonu Nigam’s azaan tweets aggressive

 Yogi Adityanath wishes Muslims on Hazrat Ali’s birth anniversary, gets trolled by followers

 Dangal’s teen actor Zaira Wasim trolled after J&K CM calls her ‘role model’
‘Dangal’ girl Zaira Wasim gets trolled for mom’s old pro-Pakistan posts

 Malayalam actor Surabhi Lakshmi harassed for eating beef on show telecast for Onam

 25/9/17 Vishwa Hindu Parishad attacks former vice-president Hamid Ansari for attending PFI event




Hate Speeches

Many other Hindu leaders like Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Prachi, Varun Gandhi, Ashok Singhal, Surendar Jain, Acharya Dharmendra… have given hate speeches against minorities but Hindus are OK with it and furiously drags Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hate speech to defend their leaders.



Hindu convicts/accuseds granted bail

Courts are set up for giving justice to victims and punishing the culprits but what’s the use of such courts which grants bail to Hindu terrorists for killing non Hindus? Judiciary giving bail to Hindu terrorists is nothing but a mockery of the beautiful consitution of B.R. Ambedkar. Rajasthan’s High Court ex judge Justice M.C Sharma talked about so called benefits of cows, what justice can be expected from such Sanghi mindset people sitting on such prestigious positions of judiciary. Communal attacks are perpetrated by criminally minded people so its not shocking but Hindu government denying justice to non Hindu victims is surely disheartening. Hindu government is usually soft on Hindu terrorists. Hindu terrorists and hate mongers are usually felicitated, given high rank positions and if by chance they gets convicted then they are granted bail.

* BJP government support Hindu terrorism, Public prosecutor says “this new govt came, I have been told to go soft on accused (Hindu extremists)”

Gulberg Society massacre case: Gujarat HC grants bail to convicted VHP leader Atul Vaidya

High court grants bail trio in Mohsin Shaikh murder case 

Court grants bail to convict Maya Kodnani

Court grants bail to Gujarat riot convict Babu Bajrangi for sixth time

Orissa HC grants bail to Anti Christian Kandhamal riot convict BJP MLA. 

2008 Malegaon blast case: Sadhvi Pragya Singh gets bail. Sadhvi’s vehicle was used in blast but she wasn’t convicted while a Muslim woman Rubina Memon was given life imprisonment after it was found that her vehicle was used in 1993 Mumbai blasts

Mecca Masjid blast case: Swami Aseemanand granted bail by Hyderabad court

Bail for two accused Rakesh Dhawade and Samir Kulkarni in Malegaon blast

Clean chit for Sangeet Som in inflammatory video case

Sajjan Kumar Gets Anticipatory Bail In 1984 Riots Case

Brahmeshwar Singh killer of Dalits, founder of Ranvir Sena, gets bail in last of the 22 cases

Babri Masjid case: CBI Court grants bail to Advani, Joshi and all other accused

Babri Masjid demolition case: VHP leaders surrender in court, get bail

Two accused in Akhlaq lynching get bail from HC

Prime accused in Pansare murder case granted bail

Accused in Junaid Khan’s train lynching granted bail

Allahabad HC Grants Bail to BJP Leader’s Son Accused in Dadri Lynching Case

Court grants anticipatory bail to five Hindu outfits’ leaders

Five RSS men acquitted in killing of 2 Muslims

Malegaon blast case: Supreme Court grants bail to Lt Colonel Purohit

Clean chit to all six accused named by Pehlu Khan in dying declaration

Malegaon blast accused Major Ramesh Upadhyay gets bail from Bombay High Court

11/10/17 Malegaon blast case: Accused Sameer Kulkarni gets bailMalegaon blast case: Accused Sameer Kulkarni gets bail




Bomb Blasts by Hindu terrorists

Here are a few more cases involving “Hindutva” terrorists:- training camp in the use of gelatin sticks (Pune, Maharashtra, 2000); 13 BJP-RSS workers jailed for Kannur bomb attack (Kannur, 2008); training camp in handling weapons and making bombs (Bhonsala Military School, Nasik, Maha¬rashtra, 2001); a series of bomb attacks on mosques and madrasas (Saharanpur, UP, 2002); firearms training camp (Bhopal, MP, 2002); bombs planted at a Muslim gathering (Bhopal, 2002); manufacture and use of bombs in the Gujarat carnage (2002); weapons training camp for women (Kanpur, UP, 2003); bombing of mosque (Parbhani, Maharashtra, 2003); bombing of madrasa and mosque (Purna, Maha¬rashtra, 2004); bombing of mosque (Jalna, Maharashtra, 2004); accidental blast while handling explosives (Nanded, Maharashtra, 2006); deadly bombing of a Muslim festival (Malegaon, M¬aharashtra, 2006); deadly bombing of the India-Pakistan Samjhauta Express (Haryana, 2007); Mecca Masjid blast (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 2007); Ajmer Sharif blast (Ajmer, Rajasthan, 2007); detonators delivered to Muslim merchants (Wardha, Maharashtra, 2007); another accidental blast (Nanded 2007); bomb planted outside mosque (Pen Highway, Maharashtra, 2007); explosion at New Bus Stand (Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu, 2008); bomb attack on RSS office (Tenkasi, 2008); explosion at auditorium (Thane, Maharashtra, 2008); bomb discovered and defused at auditorium (Vashi, Maharashtra, 2008); bomb at cinema (Panvel, Maharashtra, 2008); accidental explosion (Kanpur, 2008); live bomb recovered from Belgaum-Hubli road (Karnataka, 2008); bomb blast at court (Hubli, Karnataka, 2008); bombing of marketplace (Malegoan 2008); bomb blast in marketplace (Modasa, G¬ujarat, 2008); low-intensity blast (Kanpur, 2008); bombing of church (Lalitpur, Nepal, 2009); explosion at Margao (Goa, 2009); live bomb defused (Sancole, Goa, 2009); bomb blast at primary health centre (Kanpur, 2010); RSS worker dies with explosives on bike (Mattanur, Kannur 2013); RSS worker Nikhil severely injured while assembling bomb (Kannur, 2014); bomb blast at Mosque (Faizabad, 2015); Explosives seized from two Sangh Parivar members (Kurnool, 2015); Country made bombs, weapons seized near BJP office  party member arrested (Kannur, 2016); 30 live bombs recovered from temple (Pratapgarh, UP, 2016); BJP worker Deeshith dies while making bomb (Kottayampoyil, Koothuparamba, 2016); Blast at Bhojshala by Lokesh Raghunath Parmar (Dhar town, Madhya Pradesh 2017); Blast at CPI (M) function in Thalassery (Kannur, Kerala 2017); Detonators, gelatine rods seized from Temple godown (Indore, Madhya Pradesh, 2017); BJP leader Phani Mandal caught with 500 bomb material (Malda, West Bengal 2017); Joy Pandey dies after bomb explodes in his hand (Chnashal, Malda West Bengal 2017); Bombs and swords found in BJP office (Kannur, Kerala 2017); VHP member Saravana Kumar arrested for hurling petrol bomb at CPIM (Coimbatore, 2017); Hindu Munnani activists hurled petrol bombs at refugee camp (Coimbatore, 2017); 9 CPIM workers injured in bomb blast they accused RSS of carrying out the attack (Kannur, 2017); One killed in house explosion, pistols, live cartridges found after clearing the debris (Orrcha, Bhopal, MP, 2017); IED manufacturing unit in Darjeeling, Rajni Rai arrested [Darjeeling, 2017]; Sujoy Chhetri arrested in Kalimpong blast case [Kalimpong, West Bengal, 2017]; Swords, Steel bombs recovered from BJP office [Kannur, Kerala, 2017]; Bomb Blast at BJP activist Unnikrishnan’s house in Perumbavur [Kerala, 2017]; RSS worker Valayangada Raghu blows up roof while making bomb in Koothuparamba area [Kannur, Kerala, 2017]; Bomb hurled at Koothuparamba police station [Koothuparamba, Kerala, 2017]; Planning to bomb blast Surya Mandir by Rahul Raj, explosives seized [Bihar, 2017] Petrol bomb thrown inside Chandra Talkies over film Padmavatai [ Muzaffarnagar, UP, 2018]; Kerosene blast outside Bhanu Sagar theatre in Kalyan over film Padmavati [Kalyan, Karnataka, 2018]; Petrol bomb hurled outside Prakash theatre in Belgaum over film Padmavati [Belgaum, Karnataka, 2018]; Petrol bombs hurled at Indra theatre K.C Central Mall in Jammu [Jammu, 2018]; Bomb blew off prematurely in Harkhen Kumar Jain Dharamshala. Jitendra Kumar arrested [Arrah, Bihar, 2018];





Patriotism of Hindutvadis