Subsidy for Hindu Pilgrims

by Sulaiman Razvi

Right wing groups in India keep mum about government’s subsidy for Hindu pilgrims but makes Hajj subsidy a controversial word. Right wing groups boasts about subsidy given to Muslim pilgrims but the Hindu nationalist BJP didn’t abolish Hajj subsidy when it was the ruling party in 1996-7 and 1998-2004 respectively.

Subsidy for Hindu pilgrims is state sponsored and many states like Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu etc provides subsidy for Hindu pilgrims. Here are some links which gives details about subsidy given to Hindu pilgrims for Kailash Mansarovar and Muktinath Yatra and billions of rupees for organizing events like Kumbh Mela, Amarnath Yatra, cleaning of rivers, ponds after Ganesh Chaturthi etc

Uttar Pradesh’s Akhilesh governments provides subsidy to Hindu pilgrims for Mansarovar

50,000 rupees subsidy for each Hindu pilgrim on their return from Kailash Mansarovar pilgrimage in 2015-16 year

it had done similar in 2013 also

Tamil Nadu subsidy for Muktinath and Mansarovar


2,500 crore rupees (370 million USD approx) budget set aside by Maharashtra government for arrangements of Nashik Kumbh Mela

Maharashtra’s Nashik Muncipal Corporation and State government approves rupees 1,052 crore in 2015


Madhya Pradesh’s Simhasta Kumbh Mela budget may rise to 5,000 crore rupees (750 million USD approx), 3,000 crore rupees has been spent so far.

Punjab state introduces Cow Cess to shelter and protect cows because cow is holy among Hindus

Haryana state proposes Cow cess
Apart from these subsidy government also funds certain Hindu religious rites like granting 2.5 crore rupees fund to Shri Shri Ravi Shankar etc.


The Haryana government will spend around Rs 100 crore to celebrate the teachings of Bhagavad Gita at Kurukshetra, where Lord Krishna is believed to have delivered the sermons that form the crux of the Hindu religious treatise.


TS Budget allocates Rs.100 cr. for Brahmin Welfare Fund

Also check the funds allotted to different castes and religions,
Backward Classes: Rs 5,070 crore
Most Backward Classes: Rs 1,000 crore
Scheduled Castes: Rs 14,375 crore
Scheduled Tribes: Rs  8,165 crore
Dhobis & Nayee Brahmins: Rs 450 crore
Weavers (Padmashalis): Rs 1,200 crore
Yadavs (Sheep rearing):Rs  2,500 crore
Brahmin welfare:Rs 100 crore
Minorities: Rs 1,249 crore

Now you do the maths of how much funds are allotted to Hindus.

Telangana CM Chandrashekhar Rao to set up Brahmin society for welfare of poor

Karnataka pays for rain rituals,

Andhra Pradesh govt orders ‘Yagnas’ in temples to please rain gods.